Current Research | Austere Environment

The Austere Environment group:

  • Explores the education and training development needs of healthcare practitioners who operate in austere environments
  • Explores the relationships between the respondents to disasters and conflict and those whose lives have been impacted upon by the phenomena
  • Encourages a collegiate ethos among the professions engaged in the field.

Research team

  • Professor Kevin Davies
  • Professor Keith Weeks
  • Dr Cecilia Hannigan-Davies
  • Dr Jeff Evans
  • Mrs Olivia Fung

Current research

  • Disaster healthcare education: resolving the theory-practice dichotomy in curriculum design
  • Curricula evaluation: the effectiveness of disaster healthcare student’s preparation for deployment into austere and disaster environments
  • A comparative analysis of the disaster healthcare education needs of registered nurses in Wales and Hong Kong
  • A disaster healthcare competency framework for registered nurses in Wales and Hong Kong: an international analysis and evaluation

Conferences and Outputs

In partnership with:

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