Research Groups

Healthcare HEI
The focus includes curricula design, implementation and evaluation factors; the education pedagogies and teaching methodologies that underpin and promote knowledge and skill construction; the art and science of teaching and communicating with students; barriers to learning in the HEI setting; the orientation to learning and learning style frameworks that influence student learning and development; and cognitive (knowledge) competence assessment.

Practice Healthcare
The focus of this group includes factors that influence learning and skill development in the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare settings; factors that promote and act as barriers to the transfer and application of healthcare knowledge into clinical practice; clinical mentorship; and the assessment of functional competence (know how and skills), ethical competence (practicing within professional, legal and ethical frameworks) and personal competence (demonstration of achievement levels within novice to expert continuums) in clinical environments.

The focus of this group includes factors that influence preparation for deployment to and learning and skill development in austere, hostile, unpredictable and unsupported health need environments; psycho-social influencing factors; field mentorship; and functional, ethical and personal competence assessment in field environments.

Simulated Practice

Aligned with the Simulation Centre research activity, the focus includes the design of simulated and virtual clinical and austere environments; the pedagogy of authentic, immersive, situational and cognitive apprenticeship frameworks; the functionality and use of human patient simulators and virtual and disruptive technologies; bridging the theory-practice and cognitive-functional competence divide in SPACE; debriefing, reflection and abstracted replay techniques and technologies; and exploration of measuring cognitive, functional, ethical and personal competence assessment in SPACE.