PhD students

Professor Kevin Davies

Thesis title: Adaptability, Creativity and Ingenuity in Disaster Education: Curriculum Challenges in Healthcare Provision (PhD awarded June 2009).

Dr Davies was subsequently appointed as Professor of Nursing & Disaster Healthcare following completion of his PhD studies and the outcomes of his research are currently informing disaster healthcare education, practice and policy in 19 disaster hit and post-conflict countries. A 10-paper international disaster healthcare education and practice journal series commissioned by Nurse Education in Practice is currently being prepared for publication by Professor Davies and Professor Keith W. Weeks et al.

Dr Kathryn Head

Thesis title: The Design and Evaluation of a Valid Dysphagia Screening Tool for Acute Stroke Patients (PhD awarded April 2010).

Dr Head’s research and development work is currently informing the national acute stroke anddysphagia screening bundles and in 2012 won the Medi-Wales Award for NHS Innovation. The outcomes of Dr Head’s research are currently being prepared for publication in collaboration with Professor Keith W. Weeks.
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Nigel Taylor

PhD candidate, year two of studies
Focus: The design of an international disaster healthcare competence meta-framework.

Peter Lewis

PhD candidate, year two of studies
Focus: The design, development and evaluation of an ECG error classification framework and a virtual ECG simulator that develops and assesses cognitive competence and sensitizes the learner to the functional competence requirements of clinical healthcare practice.

Conny Lips Nassif

PhD candidate, year one of studies
Focus: An education action research study of the role and contribution of authentic virtual, high-fidelity simulated and practice environments in supporting paediatric nursing students’ schema construction and competence development in medication dosage calculation problem-solving.