kevin Davies Professor Kevin Davies MBE, RRC, TD
Emeritus Professor of Nursing & Disaster Healthcare
Key areas: Disaster healthcare; disaster preparedness and response


Jeff Evans Jeff Evans
Principal Lecturer
Tel: 01443 483056 Email:
Key areas: Simulation in healthcare education

Bridie Jones
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 483132 Email:
Key areas: Emergency and critical care skills, simulation


Ray Higginson Dr Ray Higginson
Senior Lecturer in Critical Care Physiology
Tel: 01443 483858 Email:
Key areas: cardiac healthcare research, grounded theory and critical care


professor Donna Mead Professor Donna Mead MBE
Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences & Education
Tel: 01443 483110 Email:
Key areas:


Laurence Moseley Professor Laurie Moseley
Emeritus Professor of Health Services Research
Tel: 01443 483810 Email:
Key areas: Ensuring that research in nursing and the social sciences are robust and replicable.


Professor Keith W. Weeks
Professor of Healthcare Numeracy and Education
Tel: 01443 483160 Email:
Key areas: The pedagogy of health professional education and medication dosage problem-solving, calculation and assessment.


Dr Simon Young Dr Simon Young
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01443 483086 Email:
Key areas: Clinical pharmacology; Adult Numeracy; Educational intervention in healthcare.