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Advancing HERG Research & Development Capacity: An education research skills escalator

HERG is dedicated to advancing a resilient health professional education research capacity articulated through a framework of HERG member development. The principle of an education research skills escalator provides a developmental framework that follows the cycles of the education action research process illustrated on the HERG home page, and will be integrated with advancement of skills in research funding proposal development.

HERG core members will be supported in developing an escalating understanding of and engagement with the education research process. This will be undertaken through:

  • Healthcare education research seminars
  • An active MPhil and PhD candidate research and development programme
  • An active Academic research and development programme
  • Core member outputs contributing to REF entry or esteem profiles

HERG associate members are welcome to attend the healthcare education research seminar series.

Please contact us and/or complete the HERG application form if you are interested in learning more about or joining the group.

HERG Application Form – please email the completed for to: Keith W. Weeks

Contact Details

Group Leader and Co-ordinator: Dr Keith W. Weeks, Reader of Health Professional Education